September 11, 2014
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SocialM club is an interior,furniture design and execution project by Team CADRE. Specifically designed according to the clients requirement, SocialM has 2 business meeting private rooms for rental purpose, a cafe space, a meni-pedi room for grooming and socializing, a massage room with high tech massage chairs for relaxation, A small library to spend little time alone. Selectively designed furniture, interior material and design aesthetics makes these spaces highly classified place to spend hours. The ambiance created in the cafe is overwhelming. The wall and roof murals by professional artists of CADRE team, The reception with the hanging glasses lampshade, the serving tables with which every chair of the table is different from other, the floor, the textures, the lettering, the signage, the hanging guitar wall and every inch of the project tells perfection and aesthetics of a kind that CADRE brings to its client.

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